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Monday, September 18, 2006


Romantic mountain getaway!

Crowded Beijing can get tiring sometimes. But there are lots of places nearby to spend a weekend. We passed up Shidu, which sounded like it would have too many tourists, in favor of "Nanxiagu". Riding bus 917 from Tianqiao all the way to Zhangfang(amazingly, we could still use our Yikatong bus cards), we walked around town a bit before getting a ride to Mujiakou, which nobody understood unless you put the stress on the "Mu"(the first time I've encountered stress being important in spoken Chinese).

Getting back to my country roots.

Small-town charm.

Drying corn(?) in the streets.

The scenery was lovely, although we got there so late that we didn't finish climbing up the mountain and decided to head down for some romantic river-rafting instead. The water was so shallow that you could use a long pole to push yourself along.

There was also horseriding and a few places to have a decent meal. It was also very quiet, too, with few tourists. A nice place!

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