adventures in the people's republic of china and beyond

Tuesday, January 04, 2000


Back in the PRC (People's Republic of Canada)

The Frozen Northlands - my first trip up to the US's northernly neighbor

More Canadian Adventures - injera at Queen Sheba, patbingsu in Koreatown, dim sum and bubble tea in Chinatown...what's not to love about Toronto?

Frozen Northlands: This time actually frozen! - a spring break frolic during which I am acquainted with that white fluffy substance which so rarely falls in southern lands

La Belle Province - in which I experience poutine at the chain of the same name and other gastronomic adventures in Montreal, including North America's only Xinjiang restaurant!

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Monday, January 03, 2000


Beijing 2006

The arrival - in which a small-town boy remarks on his first impressions of the big city. Also featuring the fastest ever immigration and emigration from South Korea.

Getting around - my first attempts at navigating the capital by public transportation.

Tiananmen - where I hang out in a really big square, enter the Forbidden City, and stroll around old alley neighborhoods.

More BJ - more of the stuff you love!

Obligatory culture crisis - being a Chinese in China isn't as easy as you think!

Great Wall - hiking the Great Wall around Beijing

Romantic mountain getaway - escaping the big city for a peaceful country weekend

Back in Beijing

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Sunday, January 02, 2000


Northeastern Travels 2006

North Korea border jump not to scale.
Our first really big adventure in China!

Dandong - whether you're here just to admire North Korea across the river or get your feet(and pants, and shirt) wet by crossing the North Korean border as I did, this charming little Northeastern town is sure to please.

Dalian, a sparkling seaside city featuring aquariums, beaches, and a kitschy Russian shopping street

Tianjin, home of Goubuli buns, some old European port architecture, and amazingly wide intersections

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Saturday, January 01, 2000


PRC travels

Click on the red stars for detailed blog entries!

Beijing: The PRC's lovable capital city and my home for summer 2006.

Shanghai: Old-style grandeur and futuristic skyscrapers

Dandong: Charming little town on the North Korean border.
First stop on our Northeastern travels

Dalian: Shiny seaside metropolis.
Part of our Northeastern travels

Tianjin: Great buns and wide intersections.
The last stop of our Northeastern travels

Datong: Home of the Yungang grottoes, a massive cave complex with amazing Buddhist art

Xi'an: Our home for summer 2007.

Lanzhou: Regional capital and birthplace of niuroumian(beef noodles).

Xiahe and the Labrang Monastery: a taste of Tibet

Home of the Maiji Shan grottoes, cliffside caves filled with Buddhist statues



Turpan: Grape capital of China

Urumqi: Booming oil town and capital of China's wild west

Kucha: Home of the Subash ruins, Kizil caves, and an impressive mosque

Kashgar: Historic silk road hub and center of Uyghur culture

Tashkurgan: Tajik town on the Pakistani border

Yarkand and Karghilik: towns on the southern Silk Road

Hotan: Famous for jade and its weekly market

Minfeng: Jumping-off point for the Taklamakan desert

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