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Saturday, February 02, 2008


Kashgar, part 3

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An Uyghur bagel maker at work.

I really liked walking around the old neighborhoods, so the next morning, we did just that, getting lost in the branching, twisting alleyways of Kashgar. It's so noisy and busy on the street, and then you go into these alleyways and it's so quiet and peaceful. Groups of kids are playing on the street and start yelling "HELLO!" to you when you walk past, some housewives are out doing the daily chores... the pictures do a better job of describing than I do.

Some pictures walking around in town:

How do people take those "street scene" pictures where nobody is looking at them, with huge DSLR cameras to boot? I only have a tiny pocket camera, yet it seems everyone turned to look at me when I took pictures.

Kashgar street scene. The brown veils that the women wear don't have any eye holes!

Fresh nan bread for just 1 kuai each. I love Xinjiang!

Uyghur bagels are one of Rebecca's favorite treats. They cost only "besh mo"(5 mao) if I remember right.

Next: the Yusup Has tomb and an excursion to Ha Noi!

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