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Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Frozen Northlands 2

Spring break. Sunny beaches and drunken nights in Mexican bars? Hah! Give me rain, snow, and poutine any day...and some assorted Timbits while you're at it.

This time I flew into Montreal and took a bus into Kingston, saving myself much border-crossing trouble. It was T-shirt weather when I left in El Paso, but freezing cold when I got off the plane in Montreal. Having enjoyed a delicious cup of fries smothered with gravy and cheese curds at La Belle Province, I got on the bus to Kingston, noticing a fine white powdery substance beginning to pound down from the sky. On the way to Kingston, I saw a snow plow for the first time with my own eyes! Actually, I had plenty of opportunities to look at it, since we were stuck behind it for half of the trip.

Didn't manage to snap any pics in Montreal, but it's alright, since we're headed back this weekend.

Arrival in Kingston. SNOW! And lots of it!

For a New Mexican, snow will never lose its novelty.

Warming up with a hot chocolate and a pack of Timbits.

Rebecca standing in snow.

Did I mention snow never loses its novelty?

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