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Wednesday, July 05, 2006


More BJ

Xiu Shui is a big shopping center where you can buy fake brand-name clothing. I didn't really find it very interesting and there were a lot more tourists than locals. At these kinds of places you have to bargain to get reasonable prices; I've found the best way is to counter the vendor's starting price with a ridiculously low price, then slowly increment until you're near the price you want to pay(1/3 the starting price is a fair price). At this point the vendor will state a "lowest price", usually quite a bit higher than your highest price, and you leave saying you won't buy it. They'll almost inevitably pull you back and give you the price you wanted. Haggling for things is a skill like anything else and you will inevitably pay too much the first couple of times; think of it as your lesson fees.

The funny thing about Xiu Shui is that everything inside is fake, yet there's a big banner outside saying something about the government working hard to protect intellectual property rights and brand names and whatnot.

I took these great pictures of Korean food. Korean food is especially photogenic for some reason.

I went out to lunch with two Korean students. When the food came, I told everyone to stop because I had a silly habit of taking pictures of food before eating it. Surprisingly, I was told that Koreans do it all the time and one of them even put the bowl of jajangmyeon(the noodles covered in black sauce) in to complete the shot. Maybe inside every Chinese-Thai-American is a Korean just screaming to get out.

The first time I've ever eaten at an actual sushi bar. The conveyer belt actually rotated! All you can eat sushi for 58kuai(7 bucks). Sure beats the Mix.

The Temple of Heaven. It's a pretty nice place, surrounded by a big park.

At a Cantonese restaurant with a huge menu.

Also, I forgot to upload this cheesy photo last time. I took it myself using the timer!

Blow Job? That place looks so cool. all of it. I can't haggle. I only haggle by accident when i really don\t want the thing and they just keep naming lower prices.


That food looks delicious. Haggling stresses me out. That picture of you is cool, I like the alleyway you are in, it's very photogenic.


Hey Pravit,
Goodbye Pravit.


wow everything looks so cool, and haggling for things sounds so much fun. you know what you should do is name a really high price first, get them all excited, then just cancel out on them, and remember to take the picture of the guy you do that to, his face will be the funnyest thing ever.


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