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Friday, May 04, 2007


Sprucing up!

In preparation for my next trip to China, I've been sprucing up the blog a bit - the most notable addition being the travel map. Most of my posts here are pretty long and image-heavy, so I changed the blog to only show one post at a time. Unfortunately, this makes it hard to scroll through and see where I've been, so I thought a map would be a better way of showing it.

Reach the travel map by clicking on the smaller map on the left; I've got links to my posts located on the red stars on the map. I also had fun making "collections" of posts - see the ones for Beijing, my Dandong trip, and Canada. I've added Atom and RSS feeds too; they're at the bottom of the post.

I just can't wait to start filling up that map with red stars! Two and a half weeks...





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